Our process starts with play.

The work of children; uncensored, silly, imaginative play.

It gives us a freedom to bring ourselves to the game.

The audience know instinctively when we're fully connected to the game of writing, composing and performance, even when we're creating tragedy. 

This kind of play is universal. It doesn't rely on language, ability or experience. Most of our collaborative and participatory work begins here, and then evolves in response to the brief and the artist's needs.


On this page you'll find some of the events that we've been involved with or are currently planning.

If you are interested in a creative collaboration, post-show discussion, residency or other participatory experience with Pecho Mama and would like to start a conversation, get in touch.



In autumn 2020, we are partnering with Future Arts Centres, The Core in Corby, and groups of local Corby performers to deliver an experimental performance project, We Are Family. We'll connect with the community through existing live music events, and then together we'll devise a performance piece that straddles generations and starts conversations around family dynamics and mental health. Using Pecho Mama's methodology and creative team, we'll work with the participants to create a professional production that reflects the heart and the voice of Corby.


In 2019, Pecho Mama worked with the Cultural Association of Peru to deliver a two day workshop in Lima that brought together professional theatre and dance artists with professional musicians. We shared our practice of developing drama, story and music as one, mining for the sweet spot where music and drama are listening and responding directly to each other.

Pecho Mama offer professional development through workshops and residencies for both experienced and aspiring performers. 

We create a tailored programme of support for artists interested in writing, musical composition, stage craft and/or performance making. 



'Everyone that came had nothing but amazing things to say. It was a truly fantastic experience!'

Bridport Arts Centre



In 2021, we will be partnering with the new Brixton House, to deliver an outreach programme with their local community. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the creation and delivery of a professional production with Pecho Mama. They will work with us to form a contemporary Greek chorus in our new production of Oedipus Electronica as singers, dancers, actors and musicians. This expanded engagement with the show will be on offer to national and international venues as we tour the production over the next few years. 


MENTORING, talks & consultancy

'We are very happy with our experience with Pecho Mama, their great attitude and professionalism as well as being wonderful artists. They also took part in a "dialogue table" with other artists and offered a very successful two-day workshop'

Pamela Alderson, Teatro Britanico, Peru

digital courseS

In Spring 2020, we partnered with Lakeside Theatre and Essex University to deliver an artist residency programme with the University's Performing Arts department. In response to the global pandemic, the course was adapted for digital engagement, with assemblies and break out groups delivered via Zoom. Students met with Mella twice daily online to discuss and respond to provocations around story and form in order to develop and test their own artistic voice. Students watched a Pecho Mama production on a virtual reality theatre platform, using headsets (delivered to them across the globe) and their own mobile devices. By the end of the course, the students had developed a pitch for a project of their own. You can find out more about the experience on our blog.



Mella works with artists and companies as musical director, theatre director and dramaturg. She composes and arranges compositions in response to the artist's brief, working either with the musicians in the company or with Pecho Mama collaborating as a guest band.

Mella is currently supported by the New Voices programme funded by Sound and Music, to expand her work as a composer for the stage. 

As an experienced mentor, Mella offers guidance, insight and support for performing artists and producers. Mella offers both structured and creative-led sessions for professional and aspiring artists, drawing on her experience as a writer, producer, director, dramaturg, performer and musical director.