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seeking partners for new show collaborations

Pecho Mama are about to embark on Part II of their Greek Trilogy; a blistering 
reinterpretation of Oedipus, combining live music, theatre and dance.


The company are now seeking adventurous partners and collaborators to join us on this journey.

Oedipus, set in London in 2020 and told from Jocasta’s point of view. Childhood sweethearts, Jocasta and Laius are in their 40’s. They were forced to give up the baby they had when they were 14, and now find themselves unable to conceive. After 10 years of unsuccessful IVF, they are exhausted, broke, bitter and full of regret.  

In a heroic bid to rescue their marriage, Laius seeks out their lost child, Oedipus, in a noisy London nightclub. Oedipus, having grown up in institutions, is tormented, addicted to drugs and suffering delusional paranoia. He fears that the unfamiliar man seeking him out is there to persecute him. Before Laius can reveal his identity, Oedipus pushes him away, accidentally killing him. He runs from the scene as Jocasta rushes in to find her husband. Both alone and frightened, Oedipus and Jocasta unwittingly find salvation in each other’s arms, not knowing that the electric chemistry of their relationship is borne of a maternal bond.  

The work will deal with themes of infertility, adoption, identity, social care, drug abuse & mental health.


As with Medea Electronica, this will be a powerhouse gig-theatre reinterpretation of a tragedy, expertly executed by Pecho Mama, and working with two new actor/musician/dancers as Laius and Oedipus.

We're seeking 3 regional UK partner venues to work with Pecho Mama and a choreographer/movement director to engage local groups of aspiring actor/dances through outreach programmes to form a contemporary chorus for performances in their location.

Pecho Mama are growing an international network of partner festivals and venues, and we would expect this work to tour for a number of years.