'Pecho Mama have crafted a play that taps deep into something primal within you and is simply awe-inspiring to see. It is theatre at its most intense, frightening, visceral and, at times, painful to watch.

I loved every single minute of it'

pecho m (plural pechos)​  Spanish.

Pronunciation: Pe.cho

  1. chest; the front of the thorax

  2. breast (of a woman)

  3. (figurativelyheart; seat of the emotions

  4. (figurativelyvalorstrengthfortitude

mama  English.

Pronunciation: Mah-mah

  1. (informal) mother

We are performance makers.


Artistic Director Mella Faye writes, composes and directs unconventional work for theatre spaces and music venues with her long-standing allies; musicians Sam Cox and Alex Stanford, along with a roster of world-class creative collaborators. 

We rip apart iconic classics and chew on them until we find the parts that resonate with our own vulnerability. We reclaim these ancient stories,  so they speak  from the female gaze, and are relevant for our time.